What is MediaPortal

There are many private and especially non-commercial projects in the world around the open source operating system Linux. Manufacturers of set-top boxes with a rudimentary operating system and user interface were complemented many years ago by such ones with the innovative and very adaptable Enigma2. If at the beginning there was only one manufacturer of such boxes worth mentioning, the selection is currently almost endless.

Plugins (i. e. software extensions) make these boxes so unique.

The DreamOS/Enigma2 Plugin MediaPortal contains a seemingly infinite number of so-called addons that provide access to selected media libraries, video content providers and established open streaming services.

The very easy handling and the large selection of content has made it the most successful DreamOS/Enigma2 plugin of all time.

Note: The operator of this website, is not the developer of the DreamOS/Enigma2 media portal plugin.